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Volume 24 No. 114
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     The Yankees intentionally are making it difficult for fans
to order tickets, according to Phil Mushnick in this morning's
N.Y. POST.  Mushnick chronicles the troubles of several fans who
try to obtain tickets and are met with Yankee officials who are
"so rude to customers as to do everything possible to prevent
people from buying tickets."  Mushnick writes that he suspects
that Steinbrenner's observation last week comparing the advance
sale of nearly 3 million tickets at the Orioles' Camden Yards to
less than a million at Yankee Stadium is a "self-generated
campaign" by Steinbrenner.  Mushnick: "Clearly, Steinbrenner is
using these numbers as symbolic of the public's disdain for
Yankee Stadium's environs; leverage for the abandonment of Yankee
Stadium and/or the extortion of taxpayers to build for him a
brand new Yankee Luxury Box Land. ... When a businessman like
Steinbrenner allows cash customers every opportunity to walk away
angry -- angry and still attached to their cash --we smell a
setup" (N.Y. POST, 4/26).