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Volume 24 No. 159
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     The American and National Leagues released the details of
their latest offer to locked-out umpires, which the umps
rejected.  The SALARY range would increase from $60,000-175,000
to $70,000-215,000.  POST-SEASON PAY:  Umpires who work the
division series would receive $7,500, LCS $10,000, and World
Series $12,500.  In addition, all umpires would receive $20,000
from the post-season pool.  SEVERANCE PAY would increase to
$335,000; DISABILITY PAY would increase from a max of
$5,000/month to $6,500; and PER DIEM ALLOWANCE would go from
$206.50 to $215.  NL President Leonard Coleman:  "Every umpire
has had between a $16,000 and $20,000 raise, incrementally, over
the last four years.  No one expects them to go without one for
the next four years."  AL President Gene Budig:  "Our offer
exceeds the percentage increases that the country's top
management consultants have projected for senior executive
compensation" (AL/NL).
     NO DEAL:  The umpires rejected the offer, "making it likely
replacements will be working the delayed season opener" in
Florida tonight.  MLBUA General Counsel Richie Phillips claims
the owners' proposal doesn't address the fact that only one
umpire would be eligible to make $215,000, that the number of
post-season games has been doubled, and the rising costs of
living on the road (Ronald Blum, AP/FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM,
     SEE YOU IN TORONTO:  The Ontario Labor Relations Board has
scheduled a hearing for tomorrow morning on the MLBUA's claim
that replacements are barred under provincial labor law.  The
leagues argue that cancelling Jays games during the lock-out
"could trigger wild protests, injury and property damage" (Tony
van Alphen, TORONTO STAR, 4/25).