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Volume 24 No. 112
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     NFL owners showed support for Bengals President Mike Brown's
pleas for help in Cincinnati.  Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen says
officials should "heed" NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue's warning
that the Bengals are a candidate to move.  Bowlen says since L.A.
would need an NFC team, he could envision the St. Louis Rams in
the AFC Central, and the Southern CA Bengals in the NFC West.
49ers President Carmen Policy also supports Brown and warns that
these are not idle threats: "He's the kind of guy that won't turn
his back and won't give a second thought to taking some bold
action" (Geoff Hobson, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, 4/12).
     CINCY REAX:  Columnist Tim Sullivan writes that if he we're
Brown, "I'm already gone.  I have abandoned hope of a new
football stadium in Cincinnati and move my team to Maryland."
Sullivan proposes that Brown call Colts Owner Robert Irsay and
propose a trade: "You give me the helmets with the horseshoes,
and the blue and white uniforms, and I will leave you lord of a
much larger territory. ... If I can bring back their beloved
Colts, they will also build statues of me.  I will make huge
profits ... and win popularity contests.  I can have my cake and
eat it too" (CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, 4/12).