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     Former Pistons VINNIE JOHNSON and BILL LAIMBEER will start a
new company called Piston Packaging, Inc., which will manufacture
corrugated boxes for shipping.  The company plans to hire about
125 people and will be located in the city's empowerment zone,
making it eligible for tax breaks (DETROIT FREE PRESS,
4/8)...."ET" reported on a PEOPLE Magazine "Pop Monitor" survey
that tracks over 250 celebrities on various factors used by
advertisers.  One question: "Who would Americans most like to
trade places with?"  Men chose MICHAEL JORDAN, and women picked
OPRAH WINFREY ("ET," 4/10)....CNN's "Showbiz Today" previewed the
TBS HANK AARON documentary, "Chasing the Dream."  Aaron on death
threats he received when chasing Ruth's record:  "I was not able
to enjoy my children.  I lived in a hotel room where anytime I
went out of the room I had to have two detectives with me.  So it
was something that very painful" (CNN, 4/10).  Aaron was also a
guest on "The Tonight Show" where he received a standing ovation.
Aaron on the strike: "I think there were some horrible mistakes
made by Don Fehr and management" (NBC, 4/10).... Boxing Promoter
BOB ARUM was a guest on ESPN's "Up Close" last night.  Arum said
GEORGE FOREMAN would like to fight Mike Tyson, "but it won't
happen, I think, because there is a guy named DON KING."  Arum,
saying the sport needs a commissioner -- "like a" DAVID STERN or
PAUL TAGLIABUE -- to clean up some of the corruption in boxing,
and he suggested PETER UEBERROTH.  Arum dismissed any internal
candidates, since everybody in boxing "has been tainted" over the
past 30 years.  Arum said he is still interested in pursuing an
NBA franchise, and called New Orleans a "great, great city."
Arum denied suggestions the NBA denied his bid to move the T-
Wolves to New Orleans was because he was involved in boxing
(ESPN, 4/10)....In Philadelphia, Diane Pucin writes on ANDRE
AGGASI's ascension as No. 1 on the ATP rankings:  "Now men's
tennis is anticipated.  Because Aggasi and [PETE] SAMPRAS both
want to be No. 1, each plays hard every week" (PHILADELPHIA
INQUIRER, 4/11)....NBA Commissioner DAVID STERN said the NBA has
no plans to set up franchises in Europe:  "Europe has its
indigenous leagues and franchises.  We're not seeking to
transcend (European basketball) but rather to become part of it"
(USA TODAY, 4/11)....JACK NICKLAUS, at the Masters, told the
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES that technology may be ruining golf.  Nicklaus:
"You're probably going to see them shooting in the 50s regularly
if that continues" (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 4/9)....MIKE TYSON has
purchased a $3.7M Las Vegas home and five BMW's with the money he
earned for signing with Showtime and MGM Grand (N.Y. DAILY NEWS,