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Volume 24 No. 158
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     Time Warner will begin selling on-line ads in its Pathfinder
service, an electronic newsstand on the World Wide Web, beginning
today.  The service includes Sports Illustrated Online (WALL
STREET JOURNAL, 4/10)....CNN will expand its 11:00pm "Sports
Tonight" telecasts to one hour on both Saturdays and Sundays.
The last half hour of Sunday's show will be devoted to the NBA
(MIAMI HERALD, 4/9).... Seagram Co. and Matsushita Electric
Industrial announced that Seagram agreed to pay $5.7B in cash for
an 80% stake in the entertainment company MCA.  A report in USA
TODAY speculates that the completion of this deal could push
other possible deals into motion, including Time Warner selling
its TBS stake to TCI -- in turn leading to TCI & TBS buying
either NBC or CBS.  The piece also speculates that Seagram CEO
Edgar Bronfman could team up with former QVC Chair Barry Diller
and buy either CBS or NBC (USA TODAY, 4/10).