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Volume 24 No. 159
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     The Expos, who traded three of their best players citing
economics, were the subject of much attention this weekend.  In
Philadelphia, Jayson Stark writes the  trades "didn't necessarily
demonstrate the big-market, small-market problem.  What it really
did, thanks to the strike, was exaggerate the problem. ... The
real reason to feel sorry for [the Expos] is that they were
promised the strike would be their salvation.  Instead, it might
turn out to be their ruination" (Jayson Stark, PHILADELPHIA
INQUIRER, 4/9).  In Tampa, Martin Fennelly writes, "It's baseball
season.  Have you purchased your Montreal Expo yet?" (TAMPA
TRIBUNE, 4/9).  In Dallas, Gerry Fraley says the Expos "should
look at themselves" and not "blame everyone in sight."  The team
has "lacked" a long-term plan for becoming "appealing and
marketable."  The team "aimed their marketing" at the French
segment of the Quebec province, and lost out on the English-
speaking majority of Canada to the Blue Jays.  The trades "raised
anew" the notion that Montreal does not deserve a franchise
(DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 4/9).  It's "time for the rest of the
Montreal franchise to pack the bags and head elsewhere" writes
Tracy Ringolsby in Denver.  Revenue-sharing "would simply be
perpetual welfare in Montreal" a city of four million with "a
population that has no real affection for baseball" (ROCKY
MOUNTAIN NEWS, 4/9).  Peter Gammons notes that "few believe Les
Expos won't be in Northern Virginia this time next year" (BOSTON
GLOBE, 4/9).   QUEL PROBLEM?  Expos Owner Claude Brochu said the
team has sold 100 season tickets a day last week, and the club's
9,220 season-tickets are the team's second-largest one-year total
since 1983 (CP/CALGARY HERALD, 4/8).