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Volume 24 No. 156

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     Anheuser-Busch will introduce Anheuser Light Monday.  The
beer has 75 calories, less than any other major light beer, and
will be test marketed in Atlanta, Baltimore and Dallas.  A-B
predicts the new beer "will appeal" to the 28-49 age group, which
is "increasingly choosing lighter calorie foods and beverages."
Dir of New Products for A-B, Gregg Billmeyer:  "We believe these
people will respond to the brand's advertising message, a message
that says, 'Sit back, relax and enjoy Anheuser Light'"
(AP/ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 3/31).  Chicago's DDB Needham will
handle Anheuser Light advertising (Melanie Wells, USA TODAY,

     Cobra Golf Inc. has filed a lawsuit and obtained a
preliminary injunction blocking the importation, sale and/or
distribution of counterfeit and infringing "knock-off" copies of
Cobra Golf's King Cobra oversize irons and woods.  The lawsuit
names Zero Tolerance Inc. and Z.T. Golf Inc. as defendants and
will now progress to recover monetary damages and obtain a
permanent injunction (Cobra Golf).

     The Grizzlies "took another important step" in the
development of the franchise yesterday unveiling the "Grizzlies
Swipe," a secondary logo that will be used on the player's warm-
up suits.  Larry Donen, Managing Dir of "Winning Spirit," the
merchandising division of Northwest Entertainment Group:  "We
fully expect our 'Grizzlies Swipe' secondary logo mark to be as
popular as the primary Vancouver Grizzlies mark" (Grizzlies).

     Anthony Industries, Inc. has announced that it has acquired
Speed Zone, the creative outlet for Sam Bass Original Artwear and
a manufacturer of officially licensed NASCAR merchandise.  The
new company will be called Speed Zone Race Gear (NASCAR
Properties)....The cover story in today's USA TODAY Money section
is the "sliding" baseball licensing revenues:  Cap-maker Twins
Enterprise reports retailers such as KMart are not ordering;
baseball card production is at its lowest in 30 years; Starter
blames some of its $5M loss in '94 on the lack of baseball sales;
other goods -- miniature wood bats, wall clocks, figurines and
balls -- are also affected (USA TODAY, 3/31)....Designer Nicole
Miller and her famous sports-themed ties are profiled in the
current issue of INSIDE SPORTS. "In the final analysis, maybe men
go for Miller's ties because they prove there's at least one
women out there who thinks it's attractive that men are sports
fans" (INSIDE SPORTS, 5/95).

     A new 30-second ad for Sega's NHL Hockey '95 which depicts
an action-packed game starring Tie Domi of the Winnipeg Jets, is
criticized by Antonia Zerbisias of the TORONTO STAR.  The spot,
produced by McCann-Erickson, has a  narrator saying:  Hockey
without a little mayhem is really nothing more than (Cut to men
in sequins skating to violin music) figure-skating."  Then,
according to Zerbisias, as a sequined male figure skater lands in
Domi's arms, "the bruiser bares his teeth and growls, the figure
skater goes flying, thuds onto the ice and, just as he passes
out, lisps 'Thega.'"  Zerbisias writes, "Now video game violence
is old news.  So, too, is video game sexual stereotyping.  What's
different here is that we have violence aimed at stereotypical
gay male images."  Sega VP/GM Jeff McCarthy says the company
never meant to offend and notes that the original concept of the
ad was to have, instead of Domi, Tonya Harding as the hockey-
playing "brute."  But the NHL "nixed the idea" (TORONTO STAR,

     Sprite is pushing it's "Obey Your Thirst" campaign with what
it claims to be one of the most comprehensive consumer promotions
ever.  The official soft drink of the NBA will provide up to 45
million bottles of Sprite and 3.6 million Sprite/NBA prizes to be
won by consumers.  The campaign will also feature 15 NBA players
in their local markets, including Grant Hill.  The "Under the
Cap" promotion gives consumers a chance to win prizes including
Starter caps, Champion Jerseys, Starter Warm-up suits, Spalding
basketballs, and NBA player calendars.  Hill is featured in the
ad campaign, which is being conducted in the U.S. and
internationally.  Coca-Cola VP/Marketing Frank Bifulco: "The NBA,
more than any other sport, has the right attitude for Sprite's
'Obey Your Thirst' campaign."  The 15 players in local markets
will participate through personal appearances, ads, and point-of-
sale materials (Coca-Cola).  Coca-Cola would not disclose how
much it was spending on the promotion (Chris Roush, ATLANTA