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Volume 24 No. 156

Sports Media

     The NFL will launch "NFL Sideline," during the week of April
17, making it the first pro league with a site on the World Wide
Web.  The site will allow fans real-time access to NFL draft
coverage and interaction with each team.  The site is being built
by Adam Curry's OnRamp of New York.  There are currently no
sponsors, but the NFL is considering sponsorship development (AD
AGE, 3/27).  According to Terry Lefton in BRANDWEEK, the Web site
"brings into question the NFL's existing agreement with the
Prodigy on-line service, which expires this year."  With NFLP
looking to fill its computer category and Microsoft launching its
own on-line service, the on-line category could be part of an
overall computer sponsorship agreement (BRANDWEEK, 3/27 issue).
     KUDOS:  AD AGE named the NFL one of their five finalists for
"1994 Promotional Marketer of the Year" for its marketing of its
75th season.  Other finalists: Coca Cola, Disney, Sega and Taco
Bell (NFL).

     Cleveland and Dallas were the strongest NFL televised-
metered markets in '94, based on Sunday afternoon local TV
ratings.  The two cities paced the nation, each averaging a 21.3
rating (NFL)....NBC received the most Sports Emmy nominations
from the Nat'l Academy of Television Arts and Sciences with 22,
six more than runner-up CBS which had 16.  ABC and ESPN had 14
each, followed by Fox (9), HBO (8), The Disney Channel (5), TNT
(4), NFL Films and MTV Sports (2) and CNN with one (Mult., 3/26).

     USA Track & Field lists the ratings for its events that have
appeared on ESPN and TBS (USATF)
     DATE      NET/TIME        PROGRAM            RATING/SHARE
     2/5/94    TBS  5-6:00pm   Millrose Games         0.5/1
     2/6/94    ESPN 1-2:30pm   Mobil Invitational     1.0/3
     2/20/94   ESPN 12:30-1pm  Sunkist Invitational   1.0/3
     3/5/94    TBS  5-6:00pm   Mobil Indoors          0.8/1.9
     2/12/95   ESPN 12:30-2pm  Sunkist Invitational   0.9/2