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Volume 24 No. 113

Sports Industrialists

     As a German court preps to hear an appeal on the case of
Guenther Parche, MONICA SELES' attacker, several reports examine
the effect the incident has had on her life and the game.  In
L.A., Julie Cart spoke with Monica's father, Karolj:  "She has
lost everything. Her life has gone to pieces" (L.A. TIMES, 3/22).
In Washington, Andrea Leand writes that it "is hard to
definitively say when -- or if --Seles will return" to the WTA
Tour.  Leand writes that Seles was disappointed in the WTA for
not "freezing her at No.1 during her recovery" (WASHINGTON POST,
3/21).  WTA CEO Anne Person Worcester said they would consider
giving Seles "special seedings and special rankings."  It has
been "a costly isolation" for Seles who faces a lawsuit from Fila
for breach of contract and a loss of around $10M in endorsements
and prize money (Doug Smith, USA TODAY, 3/21).  Bud Collins
writes that Seles will only return when Parche is in jail -- "not
until then" (BOSTON GLOBE, 2/21).

     BOB WHEELER was named VP/Media Relations for Liberty Sports.
He has spent the past five years as Dir of Media Relations
(Liberty)...."Extra" reported that TONYA HARDING's movie
"Breakaway," "is losing steam" and "falling flat in Europe"
("extra," 3/21)....GRANT HILL, on the products he is endorsing:
"I have been fortunate to be part of some first class companies,
Coca-Cola, Fila, and GMC Trucks -- so I am very excited to be a
part of that.  I look forward to a hopefully a long marriage
between Grant Hill and those companies" ("CBS This Morning,"