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Volume 24 No. 115
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     On last night's "Entertainment Tonight," John Tesh reported
that baseball advertisers "are laying off the sport like an in-
the-dirt screwball."  David Anaucci, Account Supervisor for the
Tri-State GMC Dealers, said his company spent more than $1M on
baseball advertising in the NYC area, but will not spend any
money this year:  "It becomes a credibility issue."  Tesh said
Gillette, a national sponsor since '39, is "watching with a wait
and see attitude."  Michael Nadelberg, VP of Marketing for
Gillette: "Our goal is to bring the Gillette message to as many
people as possible.  If that is an empty viewership, it does not
help us accomplish our goals."  According to Michael Jacobsen,
Editor of SPORTING GOODS DEALER, baseball apparel sales dropped
from $3B a year before the strike to $2B this year.  Dodgers
announcer Vin Scully:  "Even if the attendance is off 80 percent.
And even if commercials on radio and television is off, the
industry will make some money, and it will survive"
("Entertainment Tonight," 3/21).