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Volume 24 No. 155


     ACOG's hardline stance against Atlanta companies or
individuals who infringe on Olympic trademarks is the focus of a
piece in today's WALL STREET JOURNAL.  Besides chasing "ambush
marketers," ACOG is "targeting more unwitting violators: Greek
restaurants, T-shirt designers, travel agents, ecology groups --
even churches and newspapers."  They are also "staking claims to
a wide range" of slogans and images -- including "Support The
Dream," and "USA '96."  John Bevilaqua, an Atlanta sports
marketing consultant and former member of the L.A. Olympic
Committee: "They're being much more aggressive than any
(Olympics) group I've ever seen.  Maybe even to the point of
stepping over that thin line."  ACOG Dir/Marketing Communications
Darby Coker said the aggressive action doesn't make for "the best
PR," but that rights to the Games "are the most important way we
have of raising funds" (Robert Frank, WALL STREET JOURNAL, 3/22).