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     Acting MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and MLBPA Exec Dir Don
Fehr met secretly in Washington yesterday for a session "designed
to give Selig and Fehr the chance to tell each other where their
sides stood in the talks" (Ronald Blum, AP/Toronto GLOBE & MAIL,
3/21).  One management rep:  "The purpose of the meeting is to
determine if it would be beneficial to resume formal
negotiations."  Selig was accompanied by attorney Rob Manfred,
while "indications were" that MLBPA attorney Lauren Rich was also
in attendance (Jerome Holtzman, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 3/21).  "If
yesterday's meeting was positive, negotiators for the owners and
players apparently could get together -- probably in Washington
or New York -- by Wednesday, and make one last push" for a
settlement (Mark Maske, WASHINGTON POST, 3/21).
     WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?  Maske cites one management source
who says that owners would postpone Opening Day and begin the
season with the regulars if a settlement can be reached between
now and April 1.  Maske adds that some owners "apparently believe
that Fehr might end the strike next month -- and force the owners
to take a vote about a lockout -- even if the NLRB fails to
obtain an injunction" (WASHINGTON POST, 3/21).  Fehr has said he
would end the strike only if the NLRB delivers an injunction
against the owners.  One owner, who said a month ago that there
would be no lockout, now puts the odds at 50-50.  The owner:  "If
Selig is for a lockout, he'll get 23 votes" (Jerome Holtzman,
CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 3/21).  Phillies GM Lee Thomas:  "I don't think
the players understand there's no money there now.  We'll see
where all these ideals are that they're fighting for when this is
over and there are a few dollars for the big boys and the rest of
the guys don't get anything" (Jayson Stark, PHILADELPHIA
INQUIRER, 3/21).
     NEWS & NOTES:  The Yankees will give 50% refunds or credits
to season-ticket holders for any games played with 10 or more
replacement players on the 40-man roster.  But season-ticket
holders who get refunds may not be able to retain their seats for
the 1996 season (N.Y. TIMES, 3/21). ....Cincinnati's WLWT-TV
plans to drop its broadcast of Friday's Reds exhibition game
citing lack of interest from advertisers.  WLW-AM said it has not
heard back from Owner Marge Schott on the station's request to
drop weekday Reds replacement games (CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, 3/21).