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Volume 24 No. 156
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     Viacom's Blockbuster unit will use its database of 50
million video rental card holders to solidify prospects for a
Blockbuster credit card.  Visa is expected to co-issue the card
with Blockbuster (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 3/20)....The Florida
Panthers report they will hire an analyst so that radio play-by-
play announcer Chris Moore will not work alone after this season.
The Heat is also considering adding an analyst for next season
(MIAMI HERALD, 3/19)....In a "major step" toward entry into the
TV business, regional phone companies Pacific Telesis and Bell
Atlantic won a court order that should enable them to carry TV
programming (Mult., 3/18)....ITT is profiled in the current issue
of NEWSWEEK.  Johnnie Roberts writes, "Just as ITT once muscled
its way through the corridors of power, it is today carving out a
new empire in leisure and entertainment" (NEWSWEEK, 3/27
issue)....Hughes Network Systems has received permission from
DirecTV Inc. to manufacture 18-inch dishes for DSS.  Previously,
only RCA and Sony had those rights (Baltimore SUN, 3/19).  CNN's
"Moneyline" examined the popularity of DBS systems.  CNN's Steve
Young: "It's coming out of the starting gate twice as fast as the
VCR did 20 years ago" ("Moneyline," CNN, 3/17)....BET Holdings
Inc. reported that net income rose 28% in its 2ndQ, from $4.3M
last year to $5.5M (WASHINGTON POST, 3/18).