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Volume 24 No. 156

Facilities Venues

     Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen "might have found a way that'll
help him get" a new stadium, according to Adam Schefter in
Saturday's ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS.  Schefter notes that Bowlen has
"studied" St. Louis' private seat license program and could use
such a program to build a new stadium in the future.  Bowlen:  "I
would consider it.  I don't think it's practical at this point,
but it could be down the road" (ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, 3/18).

     Oakland Alameda County Coliseum officials "are privately
looking" at about $50-70M in renovations to the stadium,"
according to this morning's SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE.  The
renovations will be "complete with retractable bleachers" to for
both baseball and football.  Coliseum Board President George
Vukasin said they don't want to "out-renovate" so that they can't
"handle football when the 49ers are dissatisfied with Candlestick
Park five years from now and they want to move to a newer, more
modern facility" (Matier & Ross, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, 3/20).

     Due to the Angels' dissatisfaction with the city of
Anaheim's last proposal, it appears a deal to build a new stadium
"will not be completed" in time for the '98 season.  Negotiations
are now slated to "take less of a priority" as the Autry family
is attempting to work out an agreement with former MLB
Commissioner Peter Ueberroth to buy a minority share (Mike
DiGiovanna, L.A. TIMES, 3/20).