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Volume 24 No. 112
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     Reggie Lewis' widow, DONNA HARRIS-LEWIS was interviewed on
"CBS This Morning."  Harris-Lewis:  "He never was never asked to
take a drug test.  And I think if one paid attention to the
Sports Illustrated article, Dr. Munn also refute the Wall Street
Journal article that he did not ask Reggie to take a drug test"
("CBS This Morning," 3/17)....     During the long strike layoff,
Red Sox infielder TIM NAEHRING has started a charitable
corporation called "Athletes Reach Out."  Naehring is seeking a
corporate sponsor for his program, which aims to reach 50,000
kids in schools in Boston and Cincinnati (BOSTON GLOBE, 3/16)....
Whalers Owner PETER KARMANOS figures prominently in a DETROIT
FREE PRESS piece on the future of the sports industry.  Karmanos:
"The golden age of sports is over.  The golden age of sports
business has just begun"  (DETROIT FREE PRESS, 3/14)....O.J.
SIMPSON "Dream Team" attorney ROBERT SHAPIRO was seen at last
night's L.A. Kings game (ESPN, 3/16).... GRANT HILL appeared on
NBC's "Tonight Show" last night.  Hill said after meeting JULIUS
ERVING recently, Dr. J gave him his phone number.  Hill:  "I'm
like a little kid, calling up and hanging up when the answering
machine is done.  I would call and listen to it and hang up.  I
would call and listen to it and hang up.  So Doc, if you're out
there and you have some crank calls, that's me calling, so don't
be too upset."  Hill also played one-on-one with CHEVY CHASE
(NBC, 3/16)....LAWRENCE TAYLOR, on not being with TNT anymore:
"They do WCW wrestling and I'm in WWF wrestling, and that doesn't
make good copy" ("Up Close," ESPN, 3/16). ....JODY SHAPIRO has
been promoted to VP & GM at Home Team Sports, the MD-based
regional sports network.  Shapiro was VP/Programming and Network
Development.  BILL ABER has left to become GM of WBZ-TV in Boston