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Volume 24 No. 156
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     The National In-Line Hockey Association (NIHA) has signed up
three new sponsors:  Humanzoom, Border Patrol and Sport Court
Inc.  Humanzoom, makers of in-line sportswear, will make the
NIHA's T-shirts and hockey jerseys.  Border Patrol has created a
rink system designed for in-line roller hockey.  The system is
made of foot-high foam boards that fit together to turn any paved
arena in an outdoor roller hockey rink.  Sports Court Inc. is the
creator of performance sports flooring and backyard game courts.
Humanzoom will be featured in the league's magazine and in the
NIHA's "Inline Textbook."  Border Patrol will also be featured in
the magazine as well as in the "player perk packages."  Sport
Court will promote their products at NIHA events, including NIHA-
sanctioned league playoffs (NIHA).