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Volume 24 No. 112

Facilities Venues

     The city of Cincinnati, told Sunday by Bengals GM Mike Brown
that a late concession payment broke the lease between the
football team and city, blamed the situation on late payments
from the Reds.  Brown said the city did not deliver about
$168,000 of concession money by a February deadline, which city
officials blamed on a change in the payment patterns of the Reds.
City Council members were given a brief on Monday by the city
solicitor's office that disputed the Bengals claim that the lease
was violated.  Councilman Dwight Tillery: "It appears that Mike
is beginning to wage a campaign that will make him look deserving
of walking away from the city of Cincinnati."  Brown made
comments Monday that his team was a "free agent" because of the
lease problem.  Both Baltimore and St. Louis were mentioned as
possible sites for the team if they were to leave Cincinnati
(Richard Green, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, 3/14).
     STAND BY YOUR MAN:  Brown "has the support of several NFL
owners in his clash with the city."  Patriots Owner Robert Kraft:
"We're in a similar situation.  If you can't do something about
the situation you're in you have to look elsewhere."  Broncos
Owner Pat Bowlen agreed: "The landscape is littered with cities
who have refused to accommodate teams with better facilities.
Cities have to realize stadiums are becoming a very big factor.
When a city closes its eyes, it runs the risk of losing its team"
(Geoff Hobson, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, 3/14).  In St. Louis, FANS
Inc. spokesperson Al Kerth joked:  "We're committed to doing
everything in our power to seeing the Rams through.  What's
Mike's number?  Just kidding" (CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, 3/14).

     U.S. Soccer officials will announce that Washington has been
chosen as one of the sites to host U.S. Cup '95, according to
this morning's WASHINGTON POST.  Two of the tournament matches,
including one with the U.S. team, will be held at RFK Stadium.
The U.S. will take on Mexico on June 18 and Mexico will play
Colombia in June 21.  The games will be shown live on ABC and
ESPN2.  Other sites include Rutgers Stadium, the Cotton Bowl, and
Foxboro Stadium (Steven Goff, WASHINGTON POST, 3/14).