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Volume 24 No. 159

Facilities Venues

     The Greater Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce has promised
to help Panthers owner Wayne Huizenga "rally support for a 20,000
seat arena," according to Tracy Kolody in this morning's Ft.
Lauderdale SUN-SENTINEL.  In Broward County, Huizenga "wants to
increase" the current 3% hotel tax to 5% "as the main way" to pay
for the $100-150M arena.  However the idea has met criticism from
the county Tourist Development Council.  Innkeepers in the county
said they "would only go along with raising the bed tax if the
county also puts a tax on restaurant meals, bars, attractions,
transportation firms and parking lots that would benefit from an
arena."  Supporters say an arena "will put Broward on the big-
league map, raising its profile in the battle for tourists" (Ft.
Lauderdale SUN-SENTINEL, 2/24).

     The Raptors will announce today that "they have sold the
name rights to their new arena" to Air Canada (Neil Campbell,
Toronto GLOBE AND MAIL, 2/24).  The deal is reportedly worth
C$20M over a 20-year span and is "believed to be the most money
ever paid for a title sponsorship in Canada."  The airline could
also serve as the Raptor's charter carrier.  According to an Air
Canada source, the "appeal" to Air Canada Chair Hollis Harris "is
clear" -- he is an American, and "several of his U.S. competitors
have become title sponsors."  For example, America West in
Phoenix, United Center in Chicago, and USAir Arena in Landover,
MD (Craig Daniels, TORONTO SUN, 2/24).

     The Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim is home to the Mighty Ducks
and secondary home for the Clippers, who will play six games in
Orange County in '94-95.  The Clippers average 17,656 at the
Pond, but only 8,345 at the L.A. Sports Arena, where they play
the majority of their games.  While there has been talk that the
Clippers would benefit from a move to Anaheim, the team would
have no control over advertising and luxury seating, both
controlled by the Ducks.
ARENA:         The Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA.
TENANTS:       Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, L.A. Clippers (6 games).
AGE:           Opened June 19, 1993.
OWNERSHIP:     City of Anaheim.
MANAGEMENT:    Ogden Facility Management.
COST:          $120M, paid through sale of bonds by the city.
CAPACITY:      17,174 for hockey, 18,200 for basketball.
LUXURY SEATS:  84 luxury suites that can accommodate 10-14
     people cost $69,000-99,000 a year.  Boxes leased
on 3-, 5- and 7-year agreements.  Ducks tickets             and
preferred parking are included.  Ducks and
               Ogden split first $10M in luxury box revenue.
               After $10M, the team receives 45%, Ogden 55%.
NAMING RIGHTS: Arrowhead Water Co. has leased the naming rights
               for $1M-$1.5M a year for 5 years.  Ogden receives
               $500,000 of the fee, Disney receives the rest.
CONCESSIONS:   Ogden Entertainment Services controls operations,
               team receives 22.5% of gross concession revenue.
ADVERTISING:   Ducks control and receive all hockey-related
               advertising revenue.  Ogden and team split all
               remaining advertising 50/50.
PARKING:       Ogden controls, team receives 42.5% of parking
               revenue, Ogden receives 42.5%, City receives 15%.
               For Clippers and other events, the city and Ogden
               split revenue.
GAME-DAY:      Ogden responsible for employees.
LEASE:         Multi-year contract, figures not available.
MAINTENANCE:   Ogden is responsible for maintenance.
RENT:          Ducks pay rent equal to 7.5% of ticket receipts.
(Sources: John Nicoletti, P.R. Manager for the Pond; "Inside the
Ownership of Professional Sports Teams," by Much & Friedman).