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Volume 24 No. 160
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     DEION SANDERS was host of "Saturday Night Live."  In one
skit, he portrayed the Reds Player Rep addressing a group of
baseball players on the strike (NBC, 2/18).  JIMMY JOHNSON was on
ABC's "Coach" last night (ABC, 2/20).  BILL CLINTON attended last
night's Georgetown-Villanova game, and was interviewed on ESPN.
On seeing a sign that said Clinton/Vitale '96, Clinton said,
"That may be Al Gore's idea" ("Big Monday," ESPN, 2/20).
Nuggets G.M. BERNIE BICKERSTAFF will take over head coaching
duties from GENE LITTLES, who will remain as an assistant.
Bickerstaff will also become president of the team, succeeding
TIM LEIWEKE, will will oversee team owner Comsat's plans for a
new arena (Mult, 2/21)....JOSE CANSECO is breaking from agent
DENNIS GILBERT and starting his own agency (USA TODAY, 2/20).