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Volume 24 No. 92

Sports Industrialists

     STEVEN WYNNE was named CEO of Adidas America Tuesday.  He
comes from the law firm of Hewitt Dodson & Skerrit, which he co-
founded in '90 (Portland OREGONIAN, 2/15)....From PHILADELPHIA
LEVINE were the "highlight" of the NFL scouting combine in
Indianapolis.  Levine accused Rosenhaus of using "underhanded
tactics" to sign U. Miami's WARREN SAPP.  Rosenhaus invited
Levine to step outside, but neither wanted to "risk damaging
their ankle-length leather coats or $200 perms and retreated to
neutral corners" (PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS, 2/15)....BOB COSTAS,
appeared last night on the "Tonight Show."  On the baseball
strike: "There's right and wrong on both sides, but there's more
wrong on the owners side, because the owners are the ones that
went to impose their conditions."  The humorous side: "This
replacement thing has gone too far.  The owners announced today
that instead of MORGANNA, the kissing bandit, they're going to
use JANET RENO.  There's a dip in quality here when you go with
replacements" (NBC, 2/15)....Kmart Corp. has hired CHARLES CHINNI
to handle merchandising, a further move toward restructuring
(N.Y. TIMES, 2/16).