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Volume 24 No. 132


     The race for the 2002 Winter Games is profiled in a front-
page piece by John Keahey of SALT LAKE TRIBUNE.  If either Salt
Lake City or Quebec wins the 2002 Winter Games, "the Summer and
Winter Games would be out of Europe for an unprecedented four
consecutive times."  That could hurt Salt Lake as "geography
could play a role in the minds of IOC members."  Keahey mentions
that despite some weak points of the Utah bid -- the '96 Games in
Atlanta, some environmental concerns, and support in the
community -- it still holds "front runner status" (SALT LAKE
TRIBUNE, 2/12).

     The Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB) has
announced the slogan, "Atlanta. Come Celebrate the Dream" to tout
the city during the '96 Games.  The two companies, who will help
underwrite the $5M ad budget for the campaign, will be formally
introduced at a news conference today (Susannah Vesey, ATLANTA