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Volume 24 No. 156
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     "Worried about losing its top Olympic Prospects to the pros,
the International Skating Union probably will start offering
prize money in the events it runs," according to John Powers of
the BOSTON GLOBE.  The ISU is worried that amateurs will go for
the money in made-for-TV events "now instead of later."  ISU
President Ottavio Cinquanta: "A market is a market.  If a
(professional) skater has better conditions, then we will have to
work out things to give more money to stay with us" (BOSTON
GLOBE, 2/12).
     SKATING UNDER THE SCOPE:  ESPN's Jimmy Roberts reported on
the increased popularity and money in figure skating one year
after the Harding-Kerrigan incident.  The money for professional
figure skaters has increased substantially due to additional
exposure through made-for-TV events.  Professional skating
promoter Michael Burg called the Nancy-Tonya affair a "catalyst":
"It stimulated the chemical reaction a lot faster than what
naturally would have happened."  Paul Wylie, who was considering
giving up pro skating to attend law school, says the Harding-
Kerrigan has propelled the sport's growth: "There's no way I
could go to law school now, it just wouldn't make sense."  USFSA
President Claire Ferguson reports recreational rink usage is up
200-300% (ESPN, 2/12).