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Volume 24 No. 156


     The IOC told ACOG Wednesday that they were "biting off more
than they can chew" in plans for an international torch relay
that would travel through each of the previous 17 Summer Olympics
sites.  ACOG spokesperson Lyn May says the committee will now
concentrate on a "symbolic link" with Athens, the original host
city of the modern games.  The IOC advised ACOG "to concentrate
on the national relay."  IOC member Dick Pound also "expressed
concern" over the $10M burden potential international torch
sponsors Coca Cola and UPS would take on.  Pound: "You get
sponsors spending money on something that really doesn't
contribute to the games" (Melissa Turner, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION,

     Tickets for the U.S. Olympic Festival-'95 will go on sale to
the general public on February 4 and 5 at malls located in the
cities of Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver, CO.  At the
malls, there will be free activities including Olympians and past
Festival competitors signing autographs, sports exhibitions and
other forms of entertainment (USOF).