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Volume 24 No. 117
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     After remarks by former Bullet Tom Gugliotta, and current
player Chris Webber questioning the organization's care of its
players, Bullets President Susan O'Malley  defended Bullets Owner
Abe Pollin and the organization in this morning's WASHINGTON
TIMES.  Webber recently complained  regarding lack of space in
their charter flights, and the food served on the flights. The
Bullets have a deal with USAir for the season.  O'Malley said if
players have a complaint, "we want to be accommodating."  A
survey by the TIMES notes that of 23 teams reached, nine own or
lease their own plane, 13 teams fly charters, and one team, the
Bucks, split time between commercial and charter flights.  The
Jazz was the only team reached that flew "strictly commercial" --
 because the team has an agreement with Delta Airlines, which
owns naming rights to the team's arena.  The Jazz "will not
charter with other airlines."  Two Bullet players recently
complained on the food USAir was serving on flights, and the team
has switched to a catered menu.  It is unlikely Pollin would
purchase a plane for the team, since he would probably have to do
the same for his NHL Capitals (Frank Hughes, WASHINGTON TIMES,