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Volume 24 No. 156
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     Accusations of influence-peddling on Capitol Hill are not
Rupert Murdoch's only problems, according to a report in U.S.
NEWS.  Earnings for Murdoch's News Corp. are expected to be flat
for the second quarter because of write-offs.  Twentieth Century
Fox is expected to lose "about $50 million" because of "two flops
and two marginal films" last Christmas.  Analysts estimate News
Corp. could lose as much as $500M over the next four years from
Fox's NFL deal "because advertising revenues aren't expected to
cover the purchase price" (Linda Grant, U.S. NEWS, 1/30
issue)....In the current issue of TIME, UPN gets a "winner" nod
for the "runaway success of new Trek show to smashing debut"
(TIME, 1/30 issue)....ESPN officials are considering America's
Cup yachting as a "hidden weapon" to lure viewers this summer.
Onboard cameras and microphones could make the event "a mass
spectator sport with about a million upscale homes tuning in each
day" (N.Y. POST, 1/23)....Microsoft and Sony will join in a
partnership to develop hardware and software for interactive TV
and other multimedia business (Don Clark, WALL STREET JOURNAL,
1/23)....GOLF DIGEST Sports Marketing has struck a deal with
Turner Broadcasting to launch the GOLF DIGEST's "Tour de Golf."
The tour will be a 20-city interactive Mall tour, starting next
May (COWLES BUSINESS MEDIA, 1/29)....Chicago's WMVP Radio may
"snatch" the rights to the White Sox from WMAQ.  Part of the deal
may include making White Sox Chair Jerry Reinsdorf a partner in a
joint venture created to operate WMVP (CRAIN'S CHICAGO, 1/16).