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Volume 24 No. 159

Sports Industrialists

     BARBARA MCINTIRE was elected Chair of the US Women's Golf
Association (USGA)....ROBERTO MULLER was named to Joint President
of Reebok Brand and Chief Marketing Officer.  He will join COO
John Duerden in a two-person Office of the President.  Muller was
previously Exec VP of Global Product Marketing
(Reebok)....BENNETT FOGEL was named VP and General Sales Manager
KCAL-TV in L.A.  He was KCAL's director of sports
marketing....TONY COLOSIMO was named Dir of Sports Sales at WGN
in Chicago (ELECTRONIC MEDIA, 1/16).

     The latest issue of BUSINESS WEEK profiles Lawrence Taylor's
company, All Pro, and its venture into the virtual reality games.
All-Pro hopes to "avoid banging heads" with Nintendo and Sega
"for a while."  According to President and COO Michael Stone,
they have a "window of maybe 18 to 24 months" (Dunnavant &
Desens, BUSINESS WEEK, 1/23).

     Former Notre Dame basketball coach DIGGER PHELPS said he
plans to run for President in 2004. Phelps: "I just want to coach
the country" (Mult., 1/22)....Steve Wulf on DEION SANDERS:
Sanders "seems from yet another time.  He has Satchel Paige's wit
and flair for self promotion, Cab Calloway's sense of outrageous
style and Jim Thorpe's mind-boggling athletic ability" (TIME,
1/30 issue)....FORTUNE looks at KEN CALLAHAN, head of team-sports
sales for adidas America in Portland, and the database he uses to
keep track of customers (FORTUNE, 2/6 issue).