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Volume 24 No. 117
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     IBM is expected to post strong 4th Quarter earnings and post
its first annual profit since '90 (BLOOMBERG BUSINESS
NEWS/ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 1/23)....Snake Eyes Golf Clubs have
reached agreement with nine PGA Tour pros to form the company's
inaugural "Snake Eyes Tour Staff" -- Doug Tewell, Mark Carnevale,
Clark Dennis, Todd Barranger, Robert Dickson, Jim Hallett, Mark
Hayes, Bill Kratzert and Leonard Thompson (Pinnacle
Enterprises)....The Islanders are introducing a new mascot --
described as "a guy in an Islanders uniform."  Islanders VP for
Communications Pat Calabria, on what symbolizes Long Island:  "I
always joked that it's somebody stepping into a Lexus with a
Bloomingdale's bag" (N.Y. TIMES, 1/22)....Electronic Arts
announced its 3rd quarter revenues increased 45% over the same
period from last year.  Top selling titles:  Madden Football '95
and NBA Live '95 for Sega Genesis and Super NES; NHL '95 on Super
NES; PGA Tour III on Sega; and FIFA International Soccer on the
3DO Multiplayer (EA).
     FROM TODAY'S WALL STREET JOURNAL:  James Miller examines the
"oddball arms race" in the bowling ball industry....Tom Dunkel
covers the emergence of commercialism in the disabled-sports
market (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 1/23).