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Volume 24 No. 116

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     In a way to prevent counterfeits of its celluloid images,
the Hanna-Barbera Co. is "employing the very latest in
biotechnology."  After taking hair from 83-year-old co-founder
Joseph Barbera, a process called polymerase is used to isolate a
fragment of Barbera's DNA -- and then copy it a million times.
The copies are mixed into a special ink used for Barbera's
signature and a special seal which go on the numbered cels.  A
hand-held scanner can then read the genetically-encoded ink to
verify the signature and authenticity of the product.  Hanna-
Barbera's partner in the project, Art Guard International, "has
big plans" for the technology.  While Art Guard President Charles
Butland makes no specific mention of sports memorabilia, he says
the process "could protect items ranging from paintings to coins
to credit and I.D. cards" (BUSINESS WEEK, 1/30 issue).

     The following shows will be broadcasting from Miami during
Super Bowl week:
     MONDAY-FRIDAY: ESPN's "Up Close" with Chris Myers;  CNN's
"Calling All Sports."  WEDNESDAY-SUNDAY: ESPN's "SportsCenter"
Super Bowl updates.  THURSDAY: HBO's "Inside The NFL"; ABC's "The
NFL At 75: An All-Star Celebration."  FRIDAY: TNT's "Super Bowl
Insider"; "NewSport Talk"; ESPN's "Edge NFL Matchup."  SATURDAY:
ESPN's "NFL Prime Monday"; TNT's "Super Bowl Awards Show."
SUNDAY: CNN's "NFL Preview"; ESPN's "NFL Gameday"; TNT's "Super
Bowl Tailgate Party"; ABC's pregame (Barry Jackson, MIAMI HERALD,

     L.A. Gear "will follow Nike into the booming street hockey
category by launching a line of street hockey sneakers and
apparel next year.  It isn't clear what L.A. Gear will do to
support the roll-out since the company is still finalizing
product design plans, and is now looking for a new VP-marketing,"
since Rob Apatoff announced his resignation to join U.S.
Healthcare (AD AGE, 1/23 issue).

     IBM is expected to post strong 4th Quarter earnings and post
its first annual profit since '90 (BLOOMBERG BUSINESS
NEWS/ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 1/23)....Snake Eyes Golf Clubs have
reached agreement with nine PGA Tour pros to form the company's
inaugural "Snake Eyes Tour Staff" -- Doug Tewell, Mark Carnevale,
Clark Dennis, Todd Barranger, Robert Dickson, Jim Hallett, Mark
Hayes, Bill Kratzert and Leonard Thompson (Pinnacle
Enterprises)....The Islanders are introducing a new mascot --
described as "a guy in an Islanders uniform."  Islanders VP for
Communications Pat Calabria, on what symbolizes Long Island:  "I
always joked that it's somebody stepping into a Lexus with a
Bloomingdale's bag" (N.Y. TIMES, 1/22)....Electronic Arts
announced its 3rd quarter revenues increased 45% over the same
period from last year.  Top selling titles:  Madden Football '95
and NBA Live '95 for Sega Genesis and Super NES; NHL '95 on Super
NES; PGA Tour III on Sega; and FIFA International Soccer on the
3DO Multiplayer (EA).
     FROM TODAY'S WALL STREET JOURNAL:  James Miller examines the
"oddball arms race" in the bowling ball industry....Tom Dunkel
covers the emergence of commercialism in the disabled-sports
market (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 1/23).

     Pioneer is teaming up with NBC Sports' Ahmad Rashad for a
two-week radio campaign backing its CinemaWide big screen TVs.
"The Super Bowl does more than hype TV ratings, it spurs sales of
big-screen TVs."  Around $500,000 in radio ads in the top 12
markets will support the Pioneer campaign, which includes an NFL
licensed jacket with every big screen TV purchase (BRANDWEEK,

     "Reebok is in talks with" the MLBPA about staging a
"renegade" players' tour that would occur this summer if the
strike continues, according to Eric Holreiser in this week's
issue of BRANDWEEK.  Reebok's offer is reported to be worth up to
$25M, focusing on the top 100 players, "and would further its
overall plans to intertwine its brand with the very nature of
sports" (BRANDWEEK, 1/23 issue).
     OTHER NEWS:  Reebok also announced that it would shift $75M
in national advertising to its regional efforts.  In a move
similar to Nike's recent "Iceman Cooketh" campaign -- featuring
regional NBA stars -- Reebok will tie in a "Backyard" campaign
this spring with Frank Thomas.  "The Big Hurt's Backyard" will be
shown in the greater Chicago area.  Other local buys will feature
John Elway and Shaquille O'Neal in their yards (Eric Hollreiser,

     Coca-Cola Co. has signed NBA rookie Grant Hill to serve as
the centerpiece of its Sprite brand's NBA sponsorship.  Hill will
star in a global campaign, continuing agency Lowe & Partners'
"Obey Your Thirst" theme.  The first ads featuring Hill will
begin during the NBA All-Star weekend in Phoenix.  Coca-Cola
joins GMC Trucks, SkyBox, Wilson and Schick as companies which
have hired Hill as an endorser.  According to Tom George,
VP/Athlete Marketing at Advantage Int'l, Hill's ad exposure for
the first half of '95 may be close to $20M (Matthew Grimm,
BRANDWEEK, 1/23 issue).
     OTHER BEVERAGE NEWS:  Britain's Cadbury Schweppes is close
to announcing a $1.3B agreement to acquire Dr Pepper/ Seven Up
Cos.  Cadbury already owns 26% of the company, and reportedly
will pay $33-$34 a share for the remaining 74%.  After the
purchase, Cadbury would hold about 17% of the U.S. soft drink
market (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 1/23)....Everfresh Beverages, an IL-
based company, will sell $.99 Everfresh fruit drinks from 12
ounce glass flasks starting in April (Becky Beyers, USA TODAY,

     Today's "Super Bowl Ad Watch" feature in USA TODAY is the
Lincoln Continental.  Lincoln-Mercury's 30-second spot, produced
by Young & Rubicam and set to run in the 2nd quarter, will
feature the tag-line:  "The perfect balance of luxury and
technology" (USA TODAY, 1/23)....The MIAMI HERALD's Ken Rodriguez
calls the "World's Largest Super Bowl Party," perhaps, "the
hottest place to be."  The party runs Thursday through Sunday at
the Broward County Convention Center (MIAMI HERALD, 1/22).

     In an exclusive American Advertising Federation/AD AGE Fax
poll conducted January 12-18, 63% of the 301 members who
responded said as marketing pros, "putting special emphasis on
the Super Bowl is wise."  But only 18% said they have bought a
product or used a service because they saw it advertised during
the Super Bowl.  The top products named by those who said they
were influenced were Apple, Master Lock and Nike (AD AGE, 1/23

     Coinciding with the launch of a new Reebok ad, Shaquille
O'Neal was the focus of two TV profiles.  First ESPN's "Cover
Story" profiled Shaq and Magic teammate Anfernee Hardaway,
calling them the "Kareem and Magic" of the '90s ("SportsCenter,"
1/20).  On Saturday, "NBA Inside Stuff" profiled the new Reebok
ad which features 10 Shaqs playing each other in a game ("NBA
Inside Stuff," 1/21).  The new ad debuted yesterday during NBC's
coverage of the Magic-Suns game.  It features state-of-the-art
technology that allows Shaq's face to be placed on the shoulders
of body doubles.  The campaign supports the retail introduction
this month of Reebok's "Shaq Attaq IV" shoe.  O'Neal's agent,
Leonard Armato:  "This commercial demonstrates Shaq's growing
versatility as a basketball player and multi-media star"
(Reebok/Ketchum PR).