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     According to a survey conducted by Edelmann Scott, a
Richmond-based advertising and public relations firm, more than a
third of people planning to watch the Super Bowl say they will
either ignore all the ads or watch 25% or less of the ad time.
Edelmann Scott's David Blum: "This is bad news for advertisers
investing $1 million for each 30-second."  Eighty-three percent
of those surveyed say they plan to watch the game.  Interest in
both the game and the ads is highest among 18-24 year olds and
people who earn more than $50,000 a year and lowest among
retirees.  But according to Nike's Keith Peters, the number of ad
viewers is higher for this game: "If you were to ask the same
group of people about ads on some other special event or program,
you'd probably have more than one-third of them ignoring the ads"
(Dottie Enrico, USA TODAY, 1/20)....Today's USA TODAY "Super Bowl
Ad Watch" features Isuzu's campaign.  They have bought one 60-
second ad in the third quarter (USA TODAY, 1/20)....  Ford will
unveil their Super Bowl ad campaign today which will feature the
Ford Explorer (Ford)....Former player Lawrence Taylor's business
manager Bobby Cupo said Taylor will not sail on the controversial
Super Bowl cruise that will feature gambling and nude dancers.
The NFL has warned any players or those affiliated with the
league that if the sail on the cruise they could face fines
and/or lifetime suspension (N.Y. POST, 1/20).