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     If the Super Bowl is a blowout by halftime, ABC could be
looking at "massive 'give backs,'" according to Neal Travis of
the N.Y. POST.  Officially, there is no guaranteed rating for the
Super Bowl, but according to a source at ABC: "We would obviously
want to stay on side with the kind of advertiser who is willing
to spend $1 million for 30 seconds of air time. ... Advertisers
in the second half, who will have paid exactly the same as those
in the first, will feel entitled to some relief, like free make-
good commercials at later dates" (N.Y. POST, 1/19)....In this
morning's USA TODAY, Bruce Horovitz & Dottie Enrico note: "To
sports marketers, next week's Super Bowl looks like a dud, as do
most of its players."  While 49ers Steve Young and Deion Sanders
are expected to pick up a few more endorsements, the Chargers
"have little to offer in the way of sure-shot pitchmen."  Dave
Burns of Burns Sports Celebrity Service notes that jockeying by
sponsors for the game's potential stars is at an "all-time low."
Chargers QB Stan Humphries and linebacker Junior Seau "are not
expected to garner much sponsor interest," even if the Chargers
win.  Nova Lanktree of Lanktree Sports Celebrity Service, on
Steve Young: "He's like Al Gore -- competent, attractive but a
little inaccessible for advertisers" (USA TODAY, 1/19).
     MIAMI VICE:  The NFL and NFLP took out a full-page ad in USA
TODAY warning consumers of fake Super Bowl merchandise (USA
TODAY, 1/19)....NFL Communications Dir Greg Aiello issued a
warning to any players who associate themselves in any
promotional activity with a Super Bowl cruise next week that will
feature gambling, a nude limbo contest, a pool full of gelatin
and 200 naked show girls.  The cruise, being organized by "nude
bar magnate" Michael Peter, claims that 50 current and former
football stars will participate (MIAMI HERALD, 1/19).