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     The 17th International Sport Summit continues today in New
York after a successful opening day.  Today's keynote speeches
will be delivered by USOC Exec Dir JOHN KRIMSKY, Olympic gold
medalist MEL STEWART, 1996 Special Olympics Organizing Committee
President TIM SHRIVER, White Sox Vice Chair EDDIE EINHORN, and
ESPN/Chilton Poll Exec Dir RICHARD LUKER.  (For highlights from
yesterday's keynotes, see "Center Court" on the front page.)
     THE AFTERNOON SESSIONS:  Following the keynotes, Summit
participants split up into smaller groups to discuss in depth
such issues as:  Sports P.R. Spin, TV & Rights Fees, Sports as
Special Events, Licensing, How to Create a Bid to Gain a
Franchise, Emerging Sports/In-Line Roller Hockey, and The Player
as an Icon.  Highlights follow:
     NEIL PILSON, CBS Broadcast Group Senior VP, said that Rupert
Murdoch and Fox have forced the networks to take a different view
toward their sports properties, with a focus now on "protecting
their franchises" and returning to an acceptance of sports as
"loss leader."  Pilson sees several "tests" for the networks in
the coming year: Sydney 2000 (with negotiations possible before
Atlanta '96), MLB (with the future of The Baseball Network in
doubt), and the NFL (with NBC facing an AFC that has increased in
     BILL TORREY, Panthers President, addressed NHL expansion
efforts, saying:  "There is no longer any limit to where a
franchise can go."  Noting that the NHL has broken out of the
mold of a typical NHL city, Torrey said the key for a successful
hockey city is the franchise's "financial resources."  He
outlined the following necessities in today's market:  An 18,000-
seat arena with premium seating, and revenues from luxury boxes,
in-arena advertising, parking and concessions all going to the
     LOU PITONTI, Merchandise Manager for Jeep/Eagle, said his
group is looking to consolidate into a "special events group,"
including media buying, in an effort to get "out of the stone
age."  He addressed the differences between title partnerships
and simple sponsorship, taking the view that the access to all
financial info from an event, the ability to coordinate brand
goals and the potential for a percentage of sales makes a
partnership more attractive.
     MAX MUHLEMAN, President of the Muhleman Group, outlined his
group's successful pitch on behalf of the Panthers' NFL expansion
bid, relating how they defined a market in new terms:  An "area
of reasonable influence."
     JERRY SOLOMON, ProServ President, made the case for athlete-
created events noting the risk to sponsors if an event is not
seen as credible.
     ROB APATOFF, L.A. Gear VP for Marketing:  "When doing a deal
with a player, look at the player as a business partner, not a
locker room buddy."
     DENNIS MURPHY, Roller Hockey Int'l President, said sales of
in-line hockey equipment are on pace with ice hockey, and by
2000, will pass ice hockey.  Murphy called roller hockey "the
sport of the decade."
     JOSEPH MIREAULT, President of the National In-Line Hockey
Association, called in-line an "equipment-intensive" industry,
with manufacturers the driving influence.  He also noted the
strong bonds being developed between young in-line skaters and
     DAVID FALK, President of F.A.M.E:  "Athletes that might not
be the best performers are often the best endorsers."
     FRANK VUONO, President/CEO of Integrated Sports
International, on the licensing world:  "There is a trend toward
consolidation. The NFL is eliminating a hundred licensees;
baseball and hockey labor problems have forced retailers into
other businesses; and acquisitions and mergers by Fruit of the
Loom, VF, Tultex, Sara Lee and Russell -- along with aggressive
moves by Nike, Reebok, Starter and Apex -- creates a battle of
     TODAY ... AND BEYOND:   Today's sessions include Ambush
Marketing, Sports Finance, Tennis At The Crossroads, Agency
Marketing, Evaluating TV in a Sponsorship Package and Women's
Sports as a TV Vehicle.  The 18th Int'l Sport Summit will be held
February 1-2, 1996 in Atlanta.