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Volume 24 No. 117

Sports Industrialists

     49ers President CARMEN POLICY is profiled in this morning's
WALL STREET JOURNAL and BOSTON GLOBE.  "Even if the Niners don't
get to the Super Bowl, Mr. Policy's cap maneuvers have radically
recalibrated the business dynamics of the NFL" (Roger Thurow, WALL
STREET JOURNAL, 1/13).  Policy: "The cap changed the profile of
the NFL executive.  It created a need for expertise where a guy
like me could utilize his talents" (Ron Borges, BOSTON GLOBE,

     CFL Chair JOHN TORY was named president of Rogers Multimedia,
parent company of the TORONTO SUN and Rogers Broadcasting
(FINANCIAL POST, 1/13)....The Arthur Ashe Foundation for the
Defeat of Aids Inc. is closing its doors at New York Hospital,
where Ashe was treated for AIDs.  The group has just created a $1M
endowment from funds raised (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 1/13)....JAMES
ADAMSON, formerly CEO of Burger King, has been elected president
and CEO of Flagstar, Inc -- owner and operator of Denny's
Restaurants.  Adamson succeeds Carolina Panthers owner JERRY
RICHARDSON, who will his time to football (Flagstar).
Richardson's move was not "unexpected because of the pressures of
running both a huge company and an NFL team, particularly given
Flagstar's troubles" (CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 1/13).... TERRI MORSE
was promoted to VP of Sales and Marketing for PRISM and
SportsChannel Philadelphia (PRISM/SC Philadelphia).