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Volume 24 No. 117
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          "I don't think that baseball will ever be,
              in our lifetimes, what it once was."
           -- Bob Costas, "Meet the Press," NBC, 9/11.
 "Lest anybody not understand, there can't be joy on any side."
           -- Acting Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig,
     announcing the cancellation of the World Series, 9/14.
     "My legacy in this league is that I'm going to be the
          one that unshackles the merchandise sales."
      -- Jerry Jones in a U.S. NEWS interview, 9/26 issue.
   "Man, I've got a Rolls-Royce.  Big house.  Limo.  All those
 things.  This is why every kid's dream is to be a major-league
   ballplayer." -- Lou Whitaker, arriving at a players union
         meeting during the strike TAMPA TRIBUNE, 9/22.
   "We're going to be showing cartoons here within a month."
      -- ESPN's Keith Olbermann, on labor strife in sports,
                      "SportsCenter," 9/22.
          "He is a very successful automobile dealer.
   What makes him think he has the abilities to do what he is
       attempting to do here is beyond my comprehension."
       -- Peter Angelos on Bud Selig, Baltimore SUN, 10/4.
           "I came here as a dove.  Now I am a hawk."
  -- Penguins owner Howard Baldwin, after another unsuccessful
          round of hockey talks, CANADIAN PRESS, 10/6.
  "They are to the NHL what chickens are to Colonel Sanders --
         necessary to the business but of no concern."
    -- Vancouver PROVINCE's Tony Gallagher on the fans, 10/7.
         "He reminds me of me, but that's no blessing."
       -- Bud Selig on Gary Bettman, BOSTON GLOBE, 10/13.
         "I didn't think Senators had this much sense."
   -- DETROIT FREE PRESS' Mitch Albom on Bucks owner Herb Kohl
      holding the line against Glenn Robinson, ESPN, 10/16.
"We have allowed our most violent street gangs in this country to
    serve as the sports world's unpaid fashion consultants."
-- N.Y. POST columnist Phil Mushnick, on the popularity of black
        sports apparel, "Outside the Lines," ESPN, 10/20.
  "The owners are talking about replacement players.  We think
 it's a lot easier to have replacement owners.  There's only 26
     of them, and they're not very good at what they do."
      -- Agent Rich Winter, on the possibility of a hockey
       league run by the players, EDMONTON JOURNAL, 12/17.
     "The photographer doesn't say give us your best side,
           he says give us your least damaged side."
       -- Blues forward Brendan Shanahan, on being in GQ,
                "Entertainment Tonight," 10/25.
          "Let's see where they are a year from now."
 -- NHL Senior VP Brian Burke on the NBA announcing its decision
 to play the '94-95 without a CBA, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, 10/28.
       "It's easier for young people in this neighborhood
       to get drugs than it is to get Nike merchandise."
-- Independent retailer Robert Logan, on supply restrictions in
 urban areas by top apparel companies, HARTFORD COURANT, 10/31.
"We're not here to prod the establishment and we're not here to
          replace it.  We're here to coexist with it."
         -- Dick Moss, announcing the formation of the
                  United Baseball League, 11/1.
             "The understanding is that we will not
                  leave until we have a deal."
    -- Braves President Stan Kasten, during pre-Thanksgiving
          baseball talks, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 11/14.
 "I am sure the French want the Louisiana Purchase back, too."
-- Bulls Player Rep Steve Kerr, acknowledging the improbability
that NBA owners will dump the salary cap, BOSTON HERALD, 11/15.
        "We think this gives us exactly the same profile
      that Blockbuster Video and Disney gave to the NHL."
    -- CFL Commissioner Larry Smith on FedEx's involvement in
    starting a CFL franchise in Memphis, TORONTO STAR, 11/18.
           "It appears the old way of owning a sports
                  franchise no longer works."
  -- Dallas Stars Owner Norm Green, bemoaning the trend toward
      "big business" ownership of sports franchises, 11/21.
"The ones that do, it's not good for their health, believe me."
 -- Terry Pendelton, on MLB players who might cross picket lines
           during spring training, WUSA-TV (DC), 12/5.
      "This is not about a league fighting with the union.
        This is about a league fighting for its future."
    -- NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, after the NHL Board of
  Governors unanimously stood by the league's tax plan, 12/12.
            "We're not talking about the game here.
 We're talking about a business in serious trouble, and it would
 be a lot more appropriate for understanding if the issues were
        analyzed in the business context they require."
     -- Outgoing MLB chief labor negotiator Richard Ravitch,
criticizing the sports media's coverage of the baseball strike.