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Volume 24 No. 117

Sports Industrialists

     Patriots QB DREW BLEDSOE joined the Boston Pops for a
reading of Clement Moore's "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
(NFL)....The office of billionaire RON PERELMAN confirmed that he
has applied to the NJ Casino Control Commission to buy a casino
(N.Y. POST, 12/23)....The Royal and Ancient Golf Club changed its
rules to allow ARNOLD PALMER to make his farewell appearance at
the British Open (AP, 12/23).
     A group of African-American business leaders is questioning
the percentage of minority contractors that received bids on the
$174M new stadium for the expansion NFL Panthers.  Troy Watson,
president of the Metro-Charlotte Minority Chamber of Commerce,
met with a team representative earlier this week in an effort to
clarify the percentage.  In a 1993 agreement between Richardson
Sports, which owns the team, and representatives of the Carolina
minority community entitled the "Fair Share Agreement," the
team's owners made a goal of awarding minorities 15% of the job
to minority contractors.  Watson says an informal survey found
two minority contractors have won bids for the stadium.
Richardson Sports Asst Dir of Operations Charles Waddell says
they have met the goal and that a lack of information is behind
the controversy (CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 12/21).

          "I don't think that baseball will ever be,
              in our lifetimes, what it once was."
           -- Bob Costas, "Meet the Press," NBC, 9/11.
 "Lest anybody not understand, there can't be joy on any side."
           -- Acting Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig,
     announcing the cancellation of the World Series, 9/14.
     "My legacy in this league is that I'm going to be the
          one that unshackles the merchandise sales."
      -- Jerry Jones in a U.S. NEWS interview, 9/26 issue.
   "Man, I've got a Rolls-Royce.  Big house.  Limo.  All those
 things.  This is why every kid's dream is to be a major-league
   ballplayer." -- Lou Whitaker, arriving at a players union
         meeting during the strike TAMPA TRIBUNE, 9/22.
   "We're going to be showing cartoons here within a month."
      -- ESPN's Keith Olbermann, on labor strife in sports,
                      "SportsCenter," 9/22.
          "He is a very successful automobile dealer.
   What makes him think he has the abilities to do what he is
       attempting to do here is beyond my comprehension."
       -- Peter Angelos on Bud Selig, Baltimore SUN, 10/4.
           "I came here as a dove.  Now I am a hawk."
  -- Penguins owner Howard Baldwin, after another unsuccessful
          round of hockey talks, CANADIAN PRESS, 10/6.
  "They are to the NHL what chickens are to Colonel Sanders --
         necessary to the business but of no concern."
    -- Vancouver PROVINCE's Tony Gallagher on the fans, 10/7.
         "He reminds me of me, but that's no blessing."
       -- Bud Selig on Gary Bettman, BOSTON GLOBE, 10/13.
         "I didn't think Senators had this much sense."
   -- DETROIT FREE PRESS' Mitch Albom on Bucks owner Herb Kohl
      holding the line against Glenn Robinson, ESPN, 10/16.
"We have allowed our most violent street gangs in this country to
    serve as the sports world's unpaid fashion consultants."
-- N.Y. POST columnist Phil Mushnick, on the popularity of black
        sports apparel, "Outside the Lines," ESPN, 10/20.
  "The owners are talking about replacement players.  We think
 it's a lot easier to have replacement owners.  There's only 26
     of them, and they're not very good at what they do."
      -- Agent Rich Winter, on the possibility of a hockey
       league run by the players, EDMONTON JOURNAL, 12/17.
     "The photographer doesn't say give us your best side,
           he says give us your least damaged side."
       -- Blues forward Brendan Shanahan, on being in GQ,
                "Entertainment Tonight," 10/25.
          "Let's see where they are a year from now."
 -- NHL Senior VP Brian Burke on the NBA announcing its decision
 to play the '94-95 without a CBA, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, 10/28.
       "It's easier for young people in this neighborhood
       to get drugs than it is to get Nike merchandise."
-- Independent retailer Robert Logan, on supply restrictions in
 urban areas by top apparel companies, HARTFORD COURANT, 10/31.
"We're not here to prod the establishment and we're not here to
          replace it.  We're here to coexist with it."
         -- Dick Moss, announcing the formation of the
                  United Baseball League, 11/1.
             "The understanding is that we will not
                  leave until we have a deal."
    -- Braves President Stan Kasten, during pre-Thanksgiving
          baseball talks, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 11/14.
 "I am sure the French want the Louisiana Purchase back, too."
-- Bulls Player Rep Steve Kerr, acknowledging the improbability
that NBA owners will dump the salary cap, BOSTON HERALD, 11/15.
        "We think this gives us exactly the same profile
      that Blockbuster Video and Disney gave to the NHL."
    -- CFL Commissioner Larry Smith on FedEx's involvement in
    starting a CFL franchise in Memphis, TORONTO STAR, 11/18.
           "It appears the old way of owning a sports
                  franchise no longer works."
  -- Dallas Stars Owner Norm Green, bemoaning the trend toward
      "big business" ownership of sports franchises, 11/21.
"The ones that do, it's not good for their health, believe me."
 -- Terry Pendelton, on MLB players who might cross picket lines
           during spring training, WUSA-TV (DC), 12/5.
      "This is not about a league fighting with the union.
        This is about a league fighting for its future."
    -- NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, after the NHL Board of
  Governors unanimously stood by the league's tax plan, 12/12.
            "We're not talking about the game here.
 We're talking about a business in serious trouble, and it would
 be a lot more appropriate for understanding if the issues were
        analyzed in the business context they require."
     -- Outgoing MLB chief labor negotiator Richard Ravitch,
criticizing the sports media's coverage of the baseball strike.