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Volume 24 No. 117
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     The controversy over a downtown megaplex in Boston was
detailed in the BOSTON GLOBE.  The Boston Redevelopment Authority
wants to separate a convention center from a domed sports
stadium, "not only because it sidesteps the controversial issue
of using public money to assist team owners, but also because the
habits of conventioneers and football fans argue for different
sites" (Michael Rezendes, BOSTON GLOBE, 12/19).  Patriots Owner
Robert Kraft's proposal to sell his Foxboro Stadium back to the
state was also examined.  "The Patriots are the hottest ticket in
town, and Kraft knows it," writes Charles Pierce. "He is trying
to enrich himself by pretending that he is doing the rest of us a
favor.  He wants the increased profits that will come from the
increased skybox seating in a megaplex, and he wants his team
moved closer to the profit center in Boston. .... He wants all
the rest of us to pay for it" (BOSTON GLOBE, 12/18).  GLOBE
business writer Joan Vennochi writes on the strained relationship
between Kraft and MA Gov. William Weld.  "Gov. Weld continues to
feel some obligation to Kraft, even though the Pats owner has
worked hard over the past year to wear out his welcome in the
Governor's office" (BOSTON GLOBE, 12/18).  Among the six "major
players" polled by the GLOBE, only one said he was an "ardent"
supporter of a sports facility as part of the megaplex process
(BOSTON GLOBE, 12/18).