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Volume 24 No. 114


     Primo Nebiolo, the head of the International Track and Field
Federation, says he will not allow ACOG to schedule the Olympic
Marathon in the morning; he insists the event will remain in its
traditional spot before the closing ceremonies.  The IOC's
Medical Commission recommended the move, which has support of
many elite runners.  Nebiolo: "We have here, in the morning, more
humidity and less temperature, and in the afternoon, we have less
humidity and more temperature."  ACOG officials are yet to make a
decision -- a ticket brochure leaves out the time for the event
(Drape & Fish, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 12/14).

     Ostersund, Sweden admits that Salt Lake City is the leading
candidate to receive the 2002 Winter Olympics, but refuses to
give up the fight to have another Scandinavian Olympics just
eight years after Lillehammer.  Christer Persson, president of
the Swedish bid committee, says his group can best provide the
"folk festival" concept.  The field for 2002 will be cut to four
January 24; the final vote is June 16 (Mike Dodd, USA TODAY,