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     According to a survey by the Sports Apparel Products
Council, sports apparel -- a $32.2B industry -- "is
revolutionizing the fashion industry and is directly responsible
for trends that affect both sexes spanning all age groups."  Only
8% of the population uses sports apparel strictly for sports or
fitness activities, while 35% of the population wear sports
apparel exclusively for casual wear; 56% use it for both.  Among
other results:  86% of consumers own sports apparel; Teens (13-17
year-olds) represent only 8.9% of all sports apparel wearers, but
account for 29% of sports apparel dollars spent.  Teens own the
most licensed wear, basketball apparel and outdoorwear.  The
average consumer shops for sports apparel 10 times a year and
spends an average of $193/year.  Teens, however, shop for sports
apparel 22.9 times per year and spend an avg. of $311/year.  Men
spend $201/year versus $187 for women.  The top three categories
of sports apparel owned by men are licensed wear (65%), swimwear
(42%) and running wear (36%).  For women, it's swimwear (63%),
followed by licensed wear (45%) and bodywear/aerobic wear (41%).
Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association Exec Dir Maria Stefan on
the impact of teens on apparel: "Teens are trendsetters and what
they wear ends up influencing the entire fashion industry"