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Volume 24 No. 117
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     The Tampa Sports Authority (TSA) has hired the HOK
architectural firm to conduct a three-week study on potential
costs and options to renovate Tampa Stadium.  Since the study
will cost less than $10,000, the contract did not have to go
through the normal bid procedures.  But "it is an indication of
how quickly answers are needed" for local investors interested in
pursuing the team.  TSA Exec Dir Rick Nafe said they must find
out "what is realistic" about seating and renovations, saying
that he believed about 2,500 club level seats are needed to
generate extra revenue.  Tampa investor Tommy Shannon, along with
Outback Steakhouse founder Chris Sullivan and Bob Basham, said
they "need more hard information on what type of revenue is
possible from Tampa Stadium" before making an offer for the team.
Shannon: "We don't know what we can do yet because we don't know
the best deal Tampa Stadium can put on the table" (Joe Henderson,
TAMPA TRIBUNE, 11/29).  USA TODAY's Gordon Forbes writes, "I
can't shake the feeling that George Steinbrenner will end up
owning the Bucs, triggering another volatile NFL dispute about
cross ownership" (USA TODAY, 11/29).
     ALL IN THE FAMILY: In Houston, John McClain comments on the
turmoil in the Culverhouse family. "Behind-the-scenes squabbling
is getting more attention than the sale, and greed is the root of
the problem" (HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 11/27)