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Volume 24 No. 154

Facilities Venues

     Coors Brewing Co. will unveil a beer hall at Coors Field
that will make it one of the state's largest bars.  The Coors
microbrewery will be in competition with most of Denver's micro-
breweries, which are located within a mile of the new Coors
Field.  Under the reported lease agreement, the stadium district
will get 3% of the gross receipts from beer sales at the new pub.
Robert Eilert, manager at Breckenridge Brewery across the street
from Coors Field: "If they have 50,000 people in there 82 nights
a year, we can't hold them all" (Norm Clarke, ROCKY MOUNTAIN
NEWS, 11/26).

     In today's WASHINGTON POST, business columnist Rudolph Pyatt
writes that "the best chance for building what has been termed a
much-needed stimulus for downtown business and the District's
economy lies in the creation of some type of partnership" between
Bullets/Caps Owner Abe Pollin and BET President Robert Johnson.
Pyatt calls the Pollin deal with the National Capital Development
Corporation, which calls for the city to issue bonds for
construction, a "greater risk at a time when city officials are
desperately struggling to cuts costs and avert financial
collapse."  If business leaders are sincere in their desire for
an arena, "perhaps they should bring Pollin and Johnson together
in an attempt" to reach a compromise (WASHINGTON POST, 11/28).

     The proposed $57.2M renovation of the permanent steel roof
at Olympic Stadium in Montreal will be delayed by nine-12 months.
Minister of the Olympic Installations Board Rita Dionne-Marsolais
said the current roof is sufficient until her department can
complete a "full review of the proposed new roof."  Dionne-
Marsolis: "We're going to re-evaluate all the technical aspects -
- and above all the costs."  The roof project was approved by the
previous Liberal government, but "preliminary work shows that the
project as it is will go overbudget."  To secure the current roof
while the studies are done, the OIB will spend close to $6M to
reinforce it (Andy Riga, MONTREAL GAZETTE, 11/26).

     Patriots Owner Robert Kraft met with UMass President Michael
Hooker and offered free use of his facility at Foxboro to the
UMass football team.  UMass is trying to upgrade its football
program to Division 1-A and "one of the hangups" is that its
facility is far too small to meet NCAA requirements.  Kraft said
UMass could "use his facility free of charge if the state were to
compensate with the dollars needed to build better highway
access, as well as make improvements to the stadium."  Kraft, who
has called for either a domed stadium as part of a "megaplex"
complex in downtown Boston or improvements to Foxboro Stadium,
called the proposal a "win-win situation" since costs to the
state of building a new stadium are estimated at $100-$150M.  The
State Highway Department does plan to put "at least" $50M into
road improvements along Route 1, but probably not until 1998
(Greenidge & Palmer, BOSTON GLOBE, 11/26).
     MEGAPLEX SETBACK:  The MA Legislature is "considering
funding further studies of several sites" for a stand-alone
convention center -- another setback for supporters of a
convention center/stadium plan (BOSTON GLOBE, 11/27).