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Volume 24 No. 160
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     The GA state government will "target elite business
travelers" with a $1.3M ad campaign that uses the '96 Olympics as
a lure for economic development and tourism.  The ads will offer
"yet another Olympics-related slogan": "Georgia, Our Spirit Burns
Bright."  The ads, which are being produced by J. Walter
Thompson's Atlanta office for the Governor's Development Council,
are scheduled for publication and broadcast early next year.  TV
versions are expected to run nationally and internationally on
CNN.  The ads' target -- "the influential business traveler" who
makes decisions on where to locate business -- is likely to bring
family members on any business trip and spends six times as much
as other travelers (Matthew Quinn, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 11/23).
     ATLANTA REAL ESTATE MARKET BOOM:  Atlanta's commercial real
estate market "has surged."  The city's business and real estate
leaders say, prime office and industrial space is at a premium
and could become even more "difficult to find" as the summer of
'96 approaches.  The vacancy rate for office space in metro
Atlanta had fallen to 13% by the end of September.  International
interest in Atlanta "is behind much of the commercial real estate
growth" (Jerry Schwartz reports, N.Y. TIMES NEWS SERVICE, 11/23).