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     "It becomes more likely by the hour that there will be no
new collective bargaining agreement and the 1994-95 season will
not happen," writes Kevin Paul Dupont in this morning's BOSTON
GLOBE.  According to a league source, the 26 GM's met yesterday
and "reconfirmed their stance" in favor of player salary
restraints.  NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA Exec Dir Bob
Goodenow will meet again tomorrow or Friday (BOSTON GLOBE,
11/16).  While there was talk that the owners' counterproposal,
which Bettman is expected to offer to the union today, will
"slash" the NHL's luxury tax in half -- from 122% to 60% -- one
union source maintains that "if the owners insist on a salary cap
there won't be a season" (Dave Fuller, TORONTO SUN, 11/16).
the idea of imposing a December 15 deadline on reaching a
collective bargaining agreement.  If a deal isn't reached by that
date, the season would be canceled.  The idea was put forward
yesterday by Oilers President & GM Glen Sather (David Shoalts,
Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 11/16).  Sather:  "I'm still a firm
believer that Bob Goodenow is a kind of guy who is not going to
make a deal until there's a concrete day and time that says if a
deal isn't done now, there's not going to be a season" (TORONTO
SUN, 11/16).
to lay off 14 full-time and six part-time employees effective
December 1, if there's no settlement.  Remaining employees,
including Bettman, will take a 10% pay cut.  Those making less
than $30,000 a year, will take a 5% cut (Mult., 11/16).  One
league source "said some of the laid-off personnel would not be
rehired once -- or if -- a deal is struck with the players"
(Kevin Paul Dupont, BOSTON GLOBE, 11/16).  Goodenow has refused
pay during the lockout, but he stands to make as much as $600,000
in '95, almost double his present salary (Dave Fuller, TORONTO
SUN, 11/16).
     THE ALLEGED ROOKIE CAP:  NHL Senior VP & General Counsel
Jeff Pash brought GM's up to date on the union's latest proposal,
"which had been said to include a form of a rookie salary cap."
The NHLPA proposal only includes an offer to forego arbitration
for a player's first contract and elimination of compensation and
equalization clauses for free agents under 24 or with less than
five years experience (David Shoalts, Toronto GLOBE & MAIL,
     FROM THE GM'S:  Lightning GM Phil Esposito: "If you're going
to be a union -- and I was in the union for 19 years   -- then
you've got to have an agreement, or don't be a stinking union"
("SportsCenter," ESPN, 11/15).  Islanders GM Don Maloney:
"Everybody is totally supportive of what Gary and the league is
trying to accomplish" (Jim Smith, N.Y. NEWSDAY, 11/16).  Whalers
GM Jim Rutherford:  "There's nothing here at this point to
indicate that we're going to have a season" (Jeff Jacobs,
HARTFORD COURANT, 11/16).  Canadiens GM Serge Savard:  "For the
first time, I am scared the season won't be played" (Toronto
GLOBE & MAIL, 11/16).
     FINAL COURSE:  Bettman on his dinner Monday night with
Goodenow:  "The food was excellent" (Jim Smith, N.Y. NEWSDAY,
11/16)....David Shoalts estimates that, to this point, the league
has lost $166.3M in revenue (not counting the TV deal with Fox),
the players have lost $85.4M in salaries, and each team has lost
an average of $719,200 in operating income (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL,
11/16)....San Jose Mayor Susan Hammer is "pessimistic" that the
'95 All-Star Game will be played.  San Jose Metropolitan Chamber
of Commerce President Steve Tedesco estimates that the overall
economic impact for the city could have been in the $40-50M range
(Ann Killion, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, 11/16).