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     Seattle's Kingdome reopened its doors last week after theextensive repair job on the facility, as the Seahawks played thefirst part of their season at the University of Washington field.In 1985-86, the Mariners and Seahawks signed a unique leasearrangement that gave the Seahawks marketing rights to all theluxury suites, and the Mariners control of advertising.  This wasbased on 10-year projected revenue enhancements that would beequal in value.  The Seahawks handle marketing of the suites forevery Kingdome event and receive 10% of sales and 50% of netrevenue.  The following profile is one of a continuing series ofthe NFL's infrastructure.
The Kingdome, Seattle, Washington
AGE: Completed March 27, 1976
CAPACITY: 66,000 -- 7th lowest in NFL.
OWNERSHIP: Owned and Operated by the King County Government.
COST: Cost $67 million - $40 million paid in bonds. The restin loans and private donations.
LUXURY BOXES: 48 -- 50% of the income to the Seahawks, 40% to the Mariners and 10% to the county.
CONCESSIONS: Ogden Services -- team gets 30% of food and beverage and 52% of banquet and catering.
PARKING: Three lots with 4,000 spots. $6 car, $5 car pool. Seahawks get no parking revenue.
ADVERTISING: Mariners control stadium advertising. Stadium gets approximately $230,000 - $250,000 annually.
RENOVATION: $32-34M renovation project to repair the roof.
RENT: $1.16 million -- 15th highest in NFL.
LEASE: Lease for the Seahawks expires in 2005.

(Sources: Tom Long/Kingdome; rent figure from Florida Times Unionarticle, July 24, 1994.)