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Volume 24 No. 156

Facilities Venues

     The Manitoba Entertainment Complex (MEC) has experienced
difficulties with their marketing initiative to sell luxury
suites and club suites for Winnipeg's proposed new entertainment
and sports complex.  MEC's goal is to raise at least half the
cost of the C$114M facility with private capital -- through club
seat and luxury suite sales and deals with concessionaires and
building sponsors.  MEC Marketing Director Karen Theobald
explained the low sales on a misconception by the public that the
arena will have no problem raising the necessary funds: "People
think the pressure is off in Winnipeg, that this is going to be
an easy do and that there is no need to hurry."  Theobald said in
order to stimulate sales the marketing effort will begin to focus
on club seats (WINNIPEG FREE PRESS, 10/29).