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     "If anyone was anticipating an uprising against NHL players
boss Bob Goodenow, it simply wasn't in the cards," writes Damien
Cox in this morning's TORONTO STAR.  A group of about 35 player
agents that met with Goodenow yesterday "basically reaffirmed
their support" (TORONTO STAR, 10/28).  "Any hopes the owners
might be able to drive a wedge between the agents and the union
were dashed when Goodenow revealed the league cancelled its
insurance policies on the players on Oct. 15 -- and didn't tell
anyone. ... While the NHLPA has since agreed to pay the insurance
premiums, the players were without medical, dental and life
insurance for nearly two weeks" (Dave Fuller, TORONTO SUN,
10/28).  This is a "blow" for NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman,
writes David Shoalts.  "Now, not only is Bettman facing a smart,
stubborn union leader, he is facing one with the unwavering
support of all elements of his constituency" (Toronto GLOBE &
MAIL, 10/28).  But, in her report on the Goodenow/agents summit,
ESPN's Linda Cohn noted: "There is a sign union solidarity might
be showing signs of weakening, at least among its younger
players" ("SportsCenter," 10/27).
     CHECK THE RECORDS:  According to a CANADIAN PRESS report,
Goodenow also requested that the league's 26 owners release their
financial records.  NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman "agreed to do
so if the players agreed to return to work under the terms of the
NHL's last collective bargaining proposal while an audit was done
by a firm chosen by the NHLPA" (Nancy Marrapese, BOSTON GLOBE,
     STARS ON TOUR:  Bettman said he can't stop a proposed tour
of Europe by a team of NHL stars led by Wayne Gretzky.  But he
did say:  "I hope they don't reverse the strides we have made to
improve our relationship with international hockey."  Notified of
Gretzky's plans, IIHF General Secretary Jan-Ake Edvinssson said
they would need consent from local federations and the NHL before
any games could be scheduled (George Gross, TORONTO SUN, 10/28).
ESPN hockey analyst Mike Milbury called the proposed exhibitions
"a real bad idea":  "That takes care of the stars, but what about
the other 650 guys who are out walking the dog or doing the
dishes?  What does it do for them?" (Nancy Marrapese, BOSTON
GLOBE, 10/28).  The first of four scheduled NHL players' charity
games will be Sunday night in Sarnia, ONT, between a team of
NHLers and the junior Sarnia Sting (Mult., 10/28).     GRETZKY
SPEAKS:  Wayne Gretzky: "We want to play hockey, too.  Kirk
Muller wants to play hockey, I talked to him yesterday.  Doug
Gilmour wants to play hockey.  I want to play hockey.  Messier,
he is out in L.A. saying he wants to play hockey.  But, we are
not going to do anything to step on Bob's toes. ... It is going
exactly the way we were all told and we are just basically
standing back and we have our trust in the Association"
("SportsCenter," ESPN, 10/27).     NO COMPARISON, SAYS NHL:  The
NHL released a statement in response to requests for comment on
the NBA's decision to start its season under a no-strike/no-
lockout agreement with its players' union.  From the NHL:  "The
NBA arrangement preserves a status quo for that League that is
competitively and economically sound.  The NBA has had in place
for more than 10 years a system designed to preserve the
competitive balance and economic viability of its clubs and the
financial well-being of its players.  It makes good sense for the
NBA to continue under a system like that. ... The NBA has assured
itself what we accomplished a year ago -- playing one season
without a CBA" (NHL).  NHL Senior VP & Dir of Hockey Ops Brian
Burke, on the NBA:  "Let's see where they are a year from now."
Burke also noted the NBA's salary cap, adding that he "hasn't
heard the NHL players say they'll play with a cap this season
while negotiations continue" (KNIGHT-RIDDER/SAN JOSE MERCURY
NEWS, 10/28).
     ON LAYOFFS & NO PAYOFFS:  The Canucks gave layoff notices to
their ticket manager and special events manager, but teams
officials said to avoid further layoffs, Canucks employees may be
shifted to work for the expansion NBA Grizzlies (VANCOUVER SUN,
10/28)....Maple Leaf Gardens Chair Steve Stavro announced there
will be no Leafs layoffs until January at the earliest (TORONTO
STAR, 10/28).  But MLG also announced that, because of the
lockout, it would not pay its customary quarterly dividend for
the first quarter of FY '95.  MLG announced its revenue is down
$2.8M from a comparable period in '94 (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL,