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Volume 24 No. 135

Facilities Venues

     Michelle Himmelberg of the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER examines
the effect the baseball strike and the hockey lockout have had on
local stadiums.  "Every game the Mighty Ducks don't play costs
the operators of Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim a net loss of $25,000
to $30,000," according to arena GM Brady Mayne.  Mayne even wants
the ice taken out of The Pond this week as a cost cutting
measure.  At Anaheim Stadium, operators "through personnel
reductions and hard-line cutbacks," were able to "limit the net
losses to $313,000."  The loser at the two facilities may be
Ogden Entertainment Services, concession operator for both.
Ogden also has a 30-year deal to manage and operate The Pond.
Mayne: "Corporations like Ogden are going to lose big bucks, no
question."  If the NHL doesn't play until January, Ogden's losses
at The Pond could climb as high as $500,000.  In the meantime, it
is "nearly impossible to fill the vacated dates because most
events are booked six to eight months in advance," and although
facilities can buy insurance for lost events, Anaheim Stadium GM
Greg Smith says it's so expensive, "it doesn't make sense"
(Michelle Himmelberg, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 10/27).