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Volume 24 No. 156

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     Anheuser Busch released record sales and profits for the
quarter ending September 30.  Despite the baseball strike's
shutdown of the company's Cardinals franchise, A-B's Bud Light
brand passed Philip Morris' Miller Lite to become the nation's
best-selling light beer and the No. 2  beer overall.  A-B's
flagship product, Budweiser, remains No. 1.  Beer sales increased
2.7% in the first nine months of '94 while premium beer sales
gained 3.5%. Volume growth gave A-B a boost to a 44% domestic
market share (Christopher Carey, ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, 10/27).
Quarterly sales figures include contract production of an ice
beer for Japan's Kirin Brewery (Richard Gibson, WALL STREET
JOURNAL, 10/27).  A-B gains were partly due to the "successful
debut" of Ice Draft and Ice Draft Light.  In '93, A-B reported a
$75M net loss due to restructuring and tax-related charges
(Patrick Harverson, FINANCIAL TIMES, 10/27).
     BEHIND THE NUMBERS:  Asked how the baseball strike affected
the Cardinals, an A-B spokesperson said that the company had
predicted a losing season financially, but "the strike worsened
that anticipated loss by several million dollars" (Richard
Gibson, WALL STREET JOURNAL, 10/27).
     BYE-BYE BUD BOWL?:  A-B has reassigned its annual "Bud Bowl"
Super Bowl ad campaign to Chicago-based DDB Needham. The '95
campaign culminates in a series of ads to run during the game,
each of which cost up to $1M to produce and almost $950,000/30-
second (Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY, 10/27).

     Tonight on QVC, football fans will be given a special,
Coca-Cola "Monsters of the Gridiron" segment.  The one-hour show
will include "Monsters" licensed merchandise, and an appearance
by Jessie "Tarantula" Tuggle, the Falcons "Monster"
representative.  Among the merchandise presented: autographed
Emmitt "Lone Star Sheriff" Smith collector cards, t-shirts, and
autographed footballs (Coca-Cola).

     A study of fans who attended the LPGA's '94 GHP Heartland
Classic reveals that awareness generated by event sponsorship
translates into "profitable consumption patterns" among fans.
DelWilber & Assoc. reports that 97% of respondents think an LPGA
or GHP Heartland Classic association creates a positive image for
sponsors.  Also, 74% would be more likely to buy the product or
service of that sponsor if the price were comparable to another
brand.  The survey was conducted among 540 women and 259 men, 81%
of whom watch both men's and women's golf on TV (DWA)....Grand
West Outfitters is purchasing ski retail giant Colorado Ski &
Golf, the nation's largest single ski shop.  Colorado Snowboards
is also included (DENVER POST, 10/26)....Mercedes and the
British-based McLaren Formula One racing team are expected to
announce the details of a five-year engine contract, beginning in
'96, on Friday.  Benetton is the sponsor through '95 (REUTERS,
10/26)....The Celtics announced plans for a special series of
halftime events this season.  The ceremonies will be the
centerpiece of the team's yearlong celebration to "Honor the
Tradition" of their 48-year history in Boston Garden (Celtics).

     Mercedes-Benz and Michelob of Anheuser-Busch, Inc. have
announced long-term agreements with the PGA Tour to become co-
presenting sponsors of The Tour Championships.  The Tour
Championships, with a purse of $3M, has helped decide the Tour
Player of the Year Award since it was started in 1987

     The following statement was released by NBA Properties in
response to the statement from Apex One regarding the legal
action concerning the validity of Apex's license with the NBA:
"Contrary to what Apex One said last week, there has been no
ruling from the court that would in any way invalidate or call
into question termination of Apex One's license by NBA Properties
last August. The matter is still subject to litigation, and any
further comment would be inappropriate" (NBA Properties).  Apex
One's license was revoked in August over concerns that a line of
Apex apparel conflicted with the rights of another NBA licensee.