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Volume 24 No. 116
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     In a "Monday Night Football" interview with ABC's Al
Michaels, Eagles Owner JEFFREY LURIE said that the $185M he paid
for the team was a "very fair price":  "NFL football is the most
popular form of entertainment in America, and the avenues to
distribute it worldwide, and all the different possible revenue
sources in this league, it is just phenomenal."   Lurie argued
that the current CBA is good for the players and the league:  "I
think that the collective bargaining agreement helps players and
owners and we will find our way through it and I think it is
going to be worth a lot more in the future."  Before the
interview, Lurie was shown joining tailgaters outside Veterans
Stadium prior to the game ("Monday Night Football," ABC, 10/24).
     PET PROJECT:  Lurie says that the future of the NFL will
include technological interactivity which will provide fans with
increased access to the game.  Lurie said that technology has
improved dramatically over the past five years and that the next
"logical step" for the league is video games with virtual
reality.  Lurie said that in a "interactive" future luxury box
owners will benefit from increased options: "I think the luxury
boxes will be like home entertainment and computer centers, with
all sorts of imaging, and computer software capabilities (AP/NEW
YORK TIMES, 10/25).