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     Former Senator Tom Eagleton, the point man for FANS Inc.,
the group seeking to move the Rams to St. Louis,  believes the
Rams will decide on a move before Thanksgiving.  He also said
"tough" differences between St. Louis' recent proposal and the
Rams' wish list have yet to be resolved.  Eagleton noted the Rams
are also seeking more information on St. Louis' Permanent Seat
Licensing proposal (Jim Thomas, ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH, 10/23).
ESPN's Chris Mortenson handicaps the Rams' options:
"Conventional wisdom points to St. Louis ... [but] if all things
were equal, the Rams would:  A) Love to stay in L.A. with a new
stadium -- not likely to happen; B)  Move to Baltimore over St.
Louis.  But what is hurting Baltimore may not be the threat of
litigation from the Redskins, as much as there is a feeling of
discomfort among NFL owners that Baltimore point man Peter
Angelos is not quote 'one of their types'"  ("Sunday Sportsday,"
ESPN, 10/23).  In St. Louis, Jim Thomas offers a rundown of the
three bids.  ANAHEIM:  Plusses:  No moving.  Minuses:  No new
stadium, fan apathy.  BALTIMORE:  Plusses:  Perception it's a
better football town.  Minuses:   Redskins; no new stadium until
'97 or later; Angelos' insistence on a buyout option from Georgia
Frontiere.  ST. LOUIS:  Plusses:  Best deal.  Minuses:
Perception it's not a good football town (ST. LOUIS POST
DISPATCH, 10/23).