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Volume 24 No. 158


     LS Transit Systems consultant Stanley Feinsod "expressed
optimism" yesterday about a proposed commuter rail system in GA.
In a meeting with the Georgia Rail Passenger Authority (GRPA),
Feinsod "declined to say whether his report would recommend the
state start the service." Feinsod will submit the $2M completed
report to the GRPA in December.  State Rep. Terry Coleman, chair
of the House Appropriations Committee, told the GRPA this week
that "he would like to see 'demonstration' lines up and running"
from Savannah to Atlanta and Athens to Atlanta by the '96
Olympics (David Goldberg, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 10/21).

     Atlanta HOST and Olympic sponsor AT&T are teaming up to for
the "AT&T True Hospitality '96" program to provide bed-and-
breakfast for families of up to 10,500 athletes.  Atlanta HOST is
an organization of 28 churches searching for volunteers to donate
housing, breakfast, and limited transportation during the Games.
AT&T Program Manager Bill Blair said the company is hoping a
large number of its Atlanta-based employees, as well as employees
of other Atlanta sponsors, will offer lodging.  AT&T will also
create a temporary hospitality center at its headquarters and try
to arrange discount airfares and event tickets for athlete's
families (Melissa Turner, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 10/21).