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Volume 24 No. 159
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     MEMPHIS:  Despite a report in USA TODAY which had the
Hamilton Tiger-Cats possibly moving to Memphis, David Williams
advises Memphis football fans not to get too excited.  CFL Chair
John Tory: "The [USA TODAY] article is stating conclusions that
haven't been reached yet and reported on deals that haven't been
done."  Tory did not rule out a move, but said Hamilton will get
a chance to keep its team.  If the Tiger-Cats move to Memphis,
they might not be able to play in the Liberty Bowl because the
William Dunavant-led group that pursued an NFL franchise has the
lease rights to the Liberty Bowl through 2000.  Steve Ehrhart, a
Dunavant associate: "We're still trying to make a determination
of what is the best type of football for Memphis."  The Dunavant
group has not ruled out the CFL but a "higher priority" is a new
pro football league to compete with the NFL (Memphis COMMERCIAL
APPEAL, 10/20).
     EDMONTON:  The Eskimos are asking the city of Edmonton for a
$1M annual subsidy from the city -- "or muscle into control of
profits from Commonwealth Stadium."  Under the current
arrangement with the city, the Eskimos get Commonwealth Stadium
rent free, as well as a share of ad revenue and any stadium
concessions profits generated by football operations (EDMONTON
JOURNAL, 10/20).